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February 5th, 2016, 11:32 pm

Update Stuff

So as it turns out, I tried to update this comic after a year lmao, but two problems:

1. My photoshop license or whatever ran out so I wouldn't be able to do La'Toya's stuff very well or any glowing text for the next season.

2. I lost some data from the last time I opened my paint file; for example I don't have the sprites of Bart with a bag on his head. I guess I could try and do them again but with my work schedule nowadays I think it may not be worth it so, I'm thinking I might end up ending the season here. Yeah yeah, I'm sad about it too, but I'm going to give a detailed explanation of what was going to happen in the rest of the game. And I mean as detailed as possible so it's like as if the whole season is complete.

But the good news! Season 3 is happening, even though I'll have to write it as a fanfic! I've got a lot of plans for it, and I think it'll turn out really good! The four OCs I've gotten from winning contests will be there as well: Terry, Quila, Rick, and Josh. Each on a tribe of 5. Yep, 4 tribes of 5, because I like more than 2 tribes.


qazox, February 8th, 2016, 9:18 pm

Dang... just as it was getting good

Congo, February 10th, 2016, 1:27 am

glad to get some closure on BJB! i saw the edgic over at dA.

couscous is the winner? could have fooled me. i was expecting stiletto, as she was kind of this blip of positivity on the mostly negative BJB. with how NNN the season was overall, a positive winner would have balanced it out. couscous wasn't the most negative one out there, but she definitely wasn't positive compared to stiletto. sid was positive too, but i felt he would be more of a la'toya foil; i expected him to cripple la'toya's game and then get booted.

as for your photoshop license, i don't think you'd need photoshop for la'toya's dark effects - GIMP or would do the trick. in particular, i find to be easy to use. i imagine you've probably looked into that stuff, though.

between your job and being away from BJB for so long, it's probably difficult to get back into comic-making, so i can understand if there are no more BJB updates. i guess there's going to be a text recap of BJB coming soon?

anyway, i'm looking forward to season 3, whenever that will be! kinda too bad it won't be a sprite comic, though. will there at least be sprites for the characters?

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